Mission Statement

We, the baptized of St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, desire to become a welcoming and inclusive faith community.  We celebrate Christ’s presence in our lives through our liturgy, music, and prayer as we strive to nourish spiritually all who gather here.  Empowered by the Holy Spirit and informed by the Word of God, we seek to increase our sensitivity to the needs of others in our community and in our world through ecumenism and outreach.  Because our Savior Jesus Christ brought us to this place through his sacrifice, we are committed to this mission.

The Rev. Karin E. Wade, Rector

David C. Pike, Music Director



Jim Moore, Senior Warden * Bruce Miller, Junior Warden

Mark Woodbury, Treasurer * Jonda Weir, Assistant Treasurer

Beth Saunders, Clerk of the Vestry

Jack Bond, Karen Karch, Deborah Hiltz

Pat Paradis,  John Sarrouf, Corey Spence


  Deanery and Convention Delegates: Bruce Miller, Chris Pope, Jim Moore, Michael Lafferty


David Johnson, Sexton

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